I want to crawl into a hole

Why is it that I have this in built ability to put my foot in my mouth and instead of just shutting up and dropping the subject I seem to manage to follow one foot with the other and dig a hole at the same time.

I was talking today to a mummy at the school gate about finally getting back into reading and we both admitted to watching trashy sitcoms, as we barely have the energy to focus on something with too much concentration needed due to sever sleep deprevation. 

I happened to mention I’d just read a book and she commented that she knew an actor who actually starred in one of my all time favourite tv adaptations, and instead of just saying “oh wow” and leaving it I stupidly commented that he doesn’t seem to have done much acting since which made her chuckle. Of course I’m clearly sleep deprived because I top off the conversation, before the kids came out of the class, by comparing his career to quite a famous co actor from the same tv series 😦

Mummy at school mockingly said that she was going to tell him 😦 now I’m just completely mortified on reflection that I’ve said anything. She did say that he takes it all in good humour and I hope she knows I never meant anything malicious but really really feeling bad about it.

Feet need to be removed from mouth and lips sewn shut so I can prevent myself from making a prat out of myself again… yeah I know it won’t work but for now extra effort will need to be made to not come across as a complete arse.

Here’s hoping

G x


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