Thai Red Curry reduces hubby and I to tears

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while and it’s all thanks to Blue Dragon – Thai Red Curry pack I brought a couple of weeks ago.

Hubby isn’t the greatest fan of coconut milk and we also haven’t been having excessively spicy food as smallest is only 19months so been sticking to milder curries. But tonight for a change the hubby cooked while I limped around the house with a sore knee trying to do other little jobs and I’ll  admit I was suprised by his choice.

It took as long to make as it took the rice to boil and hubby didn’t need to move away from the cooker, which is the kind of dinner I like (especially if I’m not the one cooking, which is rare) as I’ll admit baby brain hasn’t gone yet and my memory before kids was awful therefore remembering to start dishes after so long usually ends up in a huge mess. For example always forget about broccoli when steaming veg and come back to the cooker just before dishing up and find I haven’t actually aďded it to the steamer, que really crunchy (basically raw) broccoli with probably overcooked carrots.

Anyway I digress… we sit down to eat and the packet had 2 dried out red chillies included the pre-measured spices that were added near the end of cooking, to enhance flavour, which are now in hubby and my dishes.

So what do most people remember about chillies… yep you guessed right… they’re spicy!!!!!

So what does my hubby do… took a huge mouthful of one. The reaction was instant, scrunched up eyes, fast breathing in and out to try and put out the fire while jumping up to get a drink and fanning his mouth with his hands. And mine was to try not to fall off my chair laughing as I’m meant to be setting a good example of table manners to the smalls, and after about 30 seconds also trying to explain to big why daddy is being “silly”.

I really wish I’d caught it all on camera but unfortunately I wasn’t expecting such an entertaining reaction.

He finally sits back down and I’ve managed to reduce laughter down to a grin the Cheshire Cat would find hard to beat and big is now refusing to eat his dinner because it’s too spicy, typical, thankfully he is pursuaded to eat nearly all of it with a glass of milk, as I really don’t have the energy for the “I’m hungry… I’m hungry… etc” for the rest of the evening. Smallest loves it and wants more even when all plates are cleared.

Hubby and I both really enjoyed the curry mix it was spicy, yes, but managed spice without destroying MY sense of taste. Maybe next time I’ll see if I can make my own from scratch.

Hubby I think has learned a lesson (for now).

G x


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