Nap time nightmare.

So you know when you get up in the morning  you have all these plans for the day, well today mine have gone to pot. We actually had a solid night of sleep last night as small didn’t wake up once, but it’s just not going to plan.

Instead of getting up and heading down the allotment for a couple of hours (without the small people) I’ve done washing got kids fed and dressed and spent the time I wanted to be digging beds keeping smalls entertained while hubby has an extra hour and a half in bed.

So now I’m desperately awaiting nap time to happen so I can pop her in the pushchair or even better the cot so I can dash down to try and get something done, but guess little miss has other plans today.

Are children programmed to know that parents have plans?

I can guarantee that the day we need to get up earlier than normal because we need to take hubby to work to have the car or we’re going out for the day that big will still be awake around 10 pm even though he’s usually in bed asleep before 8. Or if I have work that I need to give un-divided attention to while big is at school then small will have a 5 minute power nap in my arms and wake as soon as I put her down. Yet days that are less stress filled then she’ll nap happily for hours or they’ll both go to bed without issue. Please please tell me I’m not alone x

Looks like allotment time is going to be a family affair today rather than my escape to peace and tranquillity taking my stress out on the weeds.

Happy nap time people (if you can get it)

G x


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