Bakewell Tarts from Aldi

Well finding dairy free yummy treats in the weekly shopping can be a pain in the backside! On the one hand I have to find them in the first place but on the other if I do then do I want to buy them? I’m sure my arse, hips, tummy, thighs, oh all right pretty much my whole body don’t need more junk food/fat adding to it.

But went to a different shop (Aldi instead of Lidl) for the latest weekly restock and managed to find bourbon biscuits, hot cross buns (in FEBRUARY!), irish whisky fruit loaf and bakewell tarts on the shelves. 

Now usually I manage to control my foody impulses but on this occasion my willpower, hormones and stress levels conspired against me and the packet was opened before I made it out of the car park 😦

By lunchtime the whole packet of 6 bakewell had been devoured. Yes you read that right I scoffed 6 bakewell tarts in a couple of hours. They were nice too. Not as good as some other brands I’ve had in the past as they seemed to be lacking some punch when it came to the cherry flavour.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend eating 6 in a short space of time unless you have a very sweet tooth, as I felt a bit sick after all the sugar 😉

I then admitted to a mummy my piggyness at the kids swimming lesson and she later went and got some for herself. Apparently it’s going to be my fault she won’t fit in her wedding dress and next time I can can only talk about fruit. Cherries are fruit aren’t they????

Need to get some excersise shoehorned into my daily schedule or I’m never going to get to a healthy BMI. 

G x

P.S. I actually love my body and don’t care that I’m overweight from an appearance perspective but do recognise the additional strain my body is enduring by being overweight.


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