So all the drivers out there you have a little stick by your steering wheel that turns on some yellow lights on the 4 corners of your car so that everyone else on the road knows where the hell you’re trying to go. I don’t have phsycic abilities or a crystal ball on my dash board and you in your car may know where you want to go but what about everyone else travelling in the rush hour????

I live in the land of roundabouts (Milton Keynes UK) and I have on one trip almost pulled out in front of 3 cars because they weren’t indicating to turn right. I mean really this is dangerous I had the smalls in the car with me and it’s only because I was being over cautious that I didn’t end up in an accident.

Please all drivers think of everyone’s safety while driving not just getting to where you want to be

G x


Nap time nightmare.

So you know when you get up in the morning  you have all these plans for the day, well today mine have gone to pot. We actually had a solid night of sleep last night as small didn’t wake up once, but it’s just not going to plan.

Instead of getting up and heading down the allotment for a couple of hours (without the small people) I’ve done washing got kids fed and dressed and spent the time I wanted to be digging beds keeping smalls entertained while hubby has an extra hour and a half in bed.

So now I’m desperately awaiting nap time to happen so I can pop her in the pushchair or even better the cot so I can dash down to try and get something done, but guess little miss has other plans today.

Are children programmed to know that parents have plans?

I can guarantee that the day we need to get up earlier than normal because we need to take hubby to work to have the car or we’re going out for the day that big will still be awake around 10 pm even though he’s usually in bed asleep before 8. Or if I have work that I need to give un-divided attention to while big is at school then small will have a 5 minute power nap in my arms and wake as soon as I put her down. Yet days that are less stress filled then she’ll nap happily for hours or they’ll both go to bed without issue. Please please tell me I’m not alone x

Looks like allotment time is going to be a family affair today rather than my escape to peace and tranquillity taking my stress out on the weeds.

Happy nap time people (if you can get it)

G x

Thai Red Curry reduces hubby and I to tears

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while and it’s all thanks to Blue Dragon – Thai Red Curry pack I brought a couple of weeks ago.

Hubby isn’t the greatest fan of coconut milk and we also haven’t been having excessively spicy food as smallest is only 19months so been sticking to milder curries. But tonight for a change the hubby cooked while I limped around the house with a sore knee trying to do other little jobs and I’ll  admit I was suprised by his choice.

It took as long to make as it took the rice to boil and hubby didn’t need to move away from the cooker, which is the kind of dinner I like (especially if I’m not the one cooking, which is rare) as I’ll admit baby brain hasn’t gone yet and my memory before kids was awful therefore remembering to start dishes after so long usually ends up in a huge mess. For example always forget about broccoli when steaming veg and come back to the cooker just before dishing up and find I haven’t actually aďded it to the steamer, que really crunchy (basically raw) broccoli with probably overcooked carrots.

Anyway I digress… we sit down to eat and the packet had 2 dried out red chillies included the pre-measured spices that were added near the end of cooking, to enhance flavour, which are now in hubby and my dishes.

So what do most people remember about chillies… yep you guessed right… they’re spicy!!!!!

So what does my hubby do… took a huge mouthful of one. The reaction was instant, scrunched up eyes, fast breathing in and out to try and put out the fire while jumping up to get a drink and fanning his mouth with his hands. And mine was to try not to fall off my chair laughing as I’m meant to be setting a good example of table manners to the smalls, and after about 30 seconds also trying to explain to big why daddy is being “silly”.

I really wish I’d caught it all on camera but unfortunately I wasn’t expecting such an entertaining reaction.

He finally sits back down and I’ve managed to reduce laughter down to a grin the Cheshire Cat would find hard to beat and big is now refusing to eat his dinner because it’s too spicy, typical, thankfully he is pursuaded to eat nearly all of it with a glass of milk, as I really don’t have the energy for the “I’m hungry… I’m hungry… etc” for the rest of the evening. Smallest loves it and wants more even when all plates are cleared.

Hubby and I both really enjoyed the curry mix it was spicy, yes, but managed spice without destroying MY sense of taste. Maybe next time I’ll see if I can make my own from scratch.

Hubby I think has learned a lesson (for now).

G x

I want to crawl into a hole

Why is it that I have this in built ability to put my foot in my mouth and instead of just shutting up and dropping the subject I seem to manage to follow one foot with the other and dig a hole at the same time.

I was talking today to a mummy at the school gate about finally getting back into reading and we both admitted to watching trashy sitcoms, as we barely have the energy to focus on something with too much concentration needed due to sever sleep deprevation. 

I happened to mention I’d just read a book and she commented that she knew an actor who actually starred in one of my all time favourite tv adaptations, and instead of just saying “oh wow” and leaving it I stupidly commented that he doesn’t seem to have done much acting since which made her chuckle. Of course I’m clearly sleep deprived because I top off the conversation, before the kids came out of the class, by comparing his career to quite a famous co actor from the same tv series 😦

Mummy at school mockingly said that she was going to tell him 😦 now I’m just completely mortified on reflection that I’ve said anything. She did say that he takes it all in good humour and I hope she knows I never meant anything malicious but really really feeling bad about it.

Feet need to be removed from mouth and lips sewn shut so I can prevent myself from making a prat out of myself again… yeah I know it won’t work but for now extra effort will need to be made to not come across as a complete arse.

Here’s hoping

G x


Possibly a little ranty in places and definitely long (sorry)

Apparently I’ve done nothing all day apart from 2 lots of washing…

6am – the smallest wakes up needing some mummy cuddles. The only reason I know how early it is is because I can hear the boiler kick into life in the kitchen as I walk into the bedroom. It takes what feels like ages for her to fall back to sleep when I hear hubby and biggest get up and have breakfast… yup I stayed put enjoying the last few minutes of peace I’m going to get for the rest of the day

7:30 – smallest wakes again dragging me out of my peaceful stupor and into the get downstairs and feed myself and her as quickly as possible while passing a few words with hubby before he leaves for work mostly about a letter I need to finish for us and send today.

8am – sit down with kids as smallest is getting very insistent now I give her a feed and will not be distracted away from it so pinned to chair watching something biggest has found on cbeebies. However do manage to confirm play date plans and check through emails so not totally wasted time

8:30 – waaaay to comfortable sat but really need to get something done so try and persuade big to entertain small while I get the washing machine on or something… fail epically!

9am – jump in the shower and attempt to regain some sort of self by attempting to rid my legs of unwanted hair. I literally can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. Unfortunately this Herculean task is made 10 times harder as small has managed to find me and is opening the shower curtain every 30 seconds systematically flooding the bathroom and in the 25 seconds between each opening is destroying another area in the room… toothbrushes are now in the bath, toys all over the floor and loo roll is no longer in the actual roll the list goes on and I haven’t even washed my hair!

930 – shout down to big that he and small are going to have a bath… hurrah 2 contained contented kids while I dress, organise their clothes and tidy mess in bathroom.

10:00 – $#! ¥!!!!! Wasn’t 9:30 when finally got kids in bath must have been nearer 10 and we’re meant to be at the park for a play date by 10:30. Rush smalls wash and leave big to wash while getting small dried and dressed. Shouting repeatedly that big has to be quick or we’ll be late.

10:25 – result we’re all ready just need shoes and coats. Where on earth have smalls wellies gone, seriously I had them yesterday! They’re pink and really not that hard to miss. 5 minutes of hunting we’re now late!!!! but I AM NOT putting her in her brand new shoes nanny brought last week! Second hand shoes bag it is… and yes! there’s a pair her current size 🙂 just really late and I hate being late!

10:45 – finally get to the park as small has walked down even though I had the pushchair with me she was not having any of it but we had a lovely time out in the fresh air catching up with friends

11:40 – getting cold so we head to the shops to get bread and some dairy free spread for lunch (more specifically hubbys lunch tomorrow as enough at home for kids and I today) and, with relentless pestering from big all the way from park to shop,  cookies. I also buy some steak so hubby and I can have a spoil. Small has seen the packet of cookies and is refusing to nap now as she wants one too… right now!

12:15 – get in and give small a feed as cookie was demolished on the way home, she finally gives in to sleep and big is back watching tv 😦 I manage to put small down and retreat to the kitchen to make lunch for big and I and make a pudding for dinner time. Tried to get big involved but couldn’t be bothered to push too much as just wanted to get on so got washing on and made pudding first

12:45 – finally get started on lunch and spend a little precious alone time chatting with big. However that’s short lived as I have a really important letter to finish that has to be sent today relating to an appeal at the local council.

2pm – finally finish editing letter and get it emailed away. Have enough time to move the lunch stuff before small wakes up and within the next 5 minutes the doorbell goes as relative is here to take away our old dining table and chairs. Thankfully he’s brought his biggest too so kids are happily playing in the front room while we have a chat and get furniture out.

3pm – after waving goodbye to relatives I need to sort smalls lunch but also spend until 4pm in a frustrating email exchange that also required me popping round to a neighbour for clarifying points therefore getting very little else done apart from refereeing the small people.

4pm – take washing out of the machine and load next lot in and do the washing up from last night that is still sitting on the sides, even though that’s hubbys job. Realise that I’ve not had a drink all day and sit down with both kids for 5 minutes and have a drink.

5pm – ok not just 5 min maybe 20 min but got sucked into tv show big was watching and now really must get dinner started.

5:30 – hubby comes home and makes tea and entertains small while I attmpt to finish cooking dinner and yet again unload the washing machine. At which point he informs me that he thinks I need to clean the machine. Let that one go as he’s probably right but cooking dinner so I’ll get to it later.

6pm – finally sit down to dinner and very nice it was too. But most of the meal was spent discussing issue with council and that we (I) need to send another email and it really must go tonight.

6:45 – why does eating with kids take so long!!!! Send biggest to go wash face hands etc and get ready for bed and hubby says really calmly that he thinks I need to get on with a few bits as I’ll be out all day tomorrrow and all I’ve done today is a couple of loads of washing. And then he walks out the house to take the dog for a walk, alone in peace and quiet, while I hang up the 2 loads of washing, check big is actually getting ready for bed and get small ready for bed too.

8pm – finally sit down to feed small to sleep. Big has gotten away with putting a film on and I can’t be bothered with an argument over stopping the film and going to bed so let him watch the end while I get small to sleep

8:15 – hubby comes back from the dog walk and comments again that we need to email a response. Unfortunately his return has roused small from her sleepy almost gone state so I spend another 45 minutes attempting to write an email communicate with the other neighbour that’s concerned and get smallest to sleep. Thankfully hubby dealt with big and got him in bed when the film finished.

9pm – yup 9pm and I finally have no children to amuse no emails to send but I do have to sort out bags, clothes and nappies and all the other crap I’m taking out tomorrow ready before I can relax as we’ll need to leave the house at 7:30am to get hubby to work on time (we car share). Also sort out the washing machine so it’s cleaning itself. Must also add washing up hasn’t been done so no doubt that’ll be a job I end up doing tomorrow.

9:30 – given up trying to pack I’m tired and want some time for me.

10pm – take myself to bed after putting the dog out. Browsed on internet for a while, while hubby got dog in and came upstairs too. No point trying to sleep before he gets in bed as he’s too noisy.

11pm – lights out and he’s snoring within minutes and small is awake again. Off I go to comfort her back to sleep in her bed.

12:10 am I’m finally back in bed hopefully no-one wakes me between now and 6:30.

The worst bit of today… I missed Tom Hardy doing bedtime hour on Cbeebies 😦

I really hope I’m not alone in having a man that sometimes just doesn’t think before he opens his mouth. Im sure he thinks most jobs take 5 min or less and the rest of the time I sit and do nothing…

Anyway its now 1:30 am and I have to be up for a full day again tomorrow in 5 hours but wanted to type this before I forgot it all…

… Ok so I did get woken up at some point in the night as the monitor in our room was running out of power and needed the plug turning on 😦 today is going to be hard!!!

Have a lovely day all

G x