Bakewell Tarts from Aldi

Well finding dairy free yummy treats in the weekly shopping can be a pain in the backside! On the one hand I have to find them in the first place but on the other if I do then do I want to buy them? I’m sure my arse, hips, tummy, thighs, oh all right pretty much my whole body don’t need more junk food/fat adding to it.

But went to a different shop (Aldi instead of Lidl) for the latest weekly restock and managed to find bourbon biscuits, hot cross buns (in FEBRUARY!), irish whisky fruit loaf and bakewell tarts on the shelves. 

Now usually I manage to control my foody impulses but on this occasion my willpower, hormones and stress levels conspired against me and the packet was opened before I made it out of the car park 😦

By lunchtime the whole packet of 6 bakewell had been devoured. Yes you read that right I scoffed 6 bakewell tarts in a couple of hours. They were nice too. Not as good as some other brands I’ve had in the past as they seemed to be lacking some punch when it came to the cherry flavour.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend eating 6 in a short space of time unless you have a very sweet tooth, as I felt a bit sick after all the sugar 😉

I then admitted to a mummy my piggyness at the kids swimming lesson and she later went and got some for herself. Apparently it’s going to be my fault she won’t fit in her wedding dress and next time I can can only talk about fruit. Cherries are fruit aren’t they????

Need to get some excersise shoehorned into my daily schedule or I’m never going to get to a healthy BMI. 

G x

P.S. I actually love my body and don’t care that I’m overweight from an appearance perspective but do recognise the additional strain my body is enduring by being overweight.


Thai Red Curry reduces hubby and I to tears

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while and it’s all thanks to Blue Dragon – Thai Red Curry pack I brought a couple of weeks ago.

Hubby isn’t the greatest fan of coconut milk and we also haven’t been having excessively spicy food as smallest is only 19months so been sticking to milder curries. But tonight for a change the hubby cooked while I limped around the house with a sore knee trying to do other little jobs and I’ll  admit I was suprised by his choice.

It took as long to make as it took the rice to boil and hubby didn’t need to move away from the cooker, which is the kind of dinner I like (especially if I’m not the one cooking, which is rare) as I’ll admit baby brain hasn’t gone yet and my memory before kids was awful therefore remembering to start dishes after so long usually ends up in a huge mess. For example always forget about broccoli when steaming veg and come back to the cooker just before dishing up and find I haven’t actually aďded it to the steamer, que really crunchy (basically raw) broccoli with probably overcooked carrots.

Anyway I digress… we sit down to eat and the packet had 2 dried out red chillies included the pre-measured spices that were added near the end of cooking, to enhance flavour, which are now in hubby and my dishes.

So what do most people remember about chillies… yep you guessed right… they’re spicy!!!!!

So what does my hubby do… took a huge mouthful of one. The reaction was instant, scrunched up eyes, fast breathing in and out to try and put out the fire while jumping up to get a drink and fanning his mouth with his hands. And mine was to try not to fall off my chair laughing as I’m meant to be setting a good example of table manners to the smalls, and after about 30 seconds also trying to explain to big why daddy is being “silly”.

I really wish I’d caught it all on camera but unfortunately I wasn’t expecting such an entertaining reaction.

He finally sits back down and I’ve managed to reduce laughter down to a grin the Cheshire Cat would find hard to beat and big is now refusing to eat his dinner because it’s too spicy, typical, thankfully he is pursuaded to eat nearly all of it with a glass of milk, as I really don’t have the energy for the “I’m hungry… I’m hungry… etc” for the rest of the evening. Smallest loves it and wants more even when all plates are cleared.

Hubby and I both really enjoyed the curry mix it was spicy, yes, but managed spice without destroying MY sense of taste. Maybe next time I’ll see if I can make my own from scratch.

Hubby I think has learned a lesson (for now).

G x

Valentines Day – Inc. Dairy Free Chocolate Moose Recipe

20170214_164606.jpgAs a mummy of 2, trying to find any time to spend with and spoil the hus-beast is difficult even on birthdays anniversaries and valentines, especially when by the time he gets home from work and everyone is fed and we finally get those amazing, full on, beautiful miracles we call children in bed at the end of the day all I want to do is curl up on the sofa and eat the chocolate I desperately want to thank my loving other half for buying for me preferably with a nice glass of wine.

BUT spare a thought for those who can’t even enjoy the chocolate, and in some cases wine, they so desperately crave. Having given up dairy 16 months ago because of nursing my, then, 3 month old baby girl, who unfortunately has quite a severe intolerance (and potential allergy) to dairy, I can honestly say holidays and birthdays suck! I LOVE chocolate and really do like a big fat cheesy pizza but in order to continue nursing my baby they had to go.

I know what some will say just stop nursing, but then what???? Give my baby formula? well those are derived from processed cows milk… which obviously is a no go, so the next alternative is dairy free formula, which tastes and smells nasty (try it if you don’t believe me). So yes by making some small changes to what I eat I have managed to continue to nurse my baby without making her ill, and surprisingly it’s done me some good too. It’s the main consolation for me and many like me who have cut food groups out of their diet for the sake of their child health but it really does suck when every shop window or TV advert is selling you chocolate loaded desserts or boxes of chocolate with a bottle of wine on every holiday or special occasion.

So in the last year I have been on the hunt for decent dairy alternatives… cheese is something I’m still struggling to replace although some of the Sainsburys own free from cheeses are passable in a sandwich or wrap and there is even a vegan pizza cheese that I’m looking forward to trying, and thankfully a lot of the wines I like are also free from milk…yes people you read that right some wines have milk in! Chocolate is thankfully quite easy to find passable alternatives for, mostly dark chocolate but you quickly get used to it and not all of them are bitter. Lidl do a lovely dark chocolate for only 30p for 100g, Cadbury’s hot chocolate (double check the packets as only some varieties) is also dairy free but only if you make it up with an alternative milk or water, a lot of biscuits for example chocolate bourbons, rich tea, pink wafers and party rings are dairy free so you don’t have to go without the occasional spoils but really home baking is the way forward unless you have plenty of spare change as a lot of free from foods are simply not worth the extra ££££.

So tonight for valentines in an effort to spoil the other half and also enjoy some of the yumminess instead of moping around whining that I can’t have chocolate I have made my own dairy free chocolate moose, also gluten and nut free.

Equipment – 2 large and 1 small mixing bowls, whisk (electric ideally), microwave or double boiler for melting chocolate, spatula, tablespoon and serving dishes

Recipe – 100g dark chocolate, 4 tbsp caster sugar and 5 small / 4 large eggs

Method – In the small bowl melt the chocolate and set it to one side to cool as you don’t want it while it’s still hot. Into the other large bowls separate the eggs. Now add the sugar to the egg yolks. Whisk up the egg whites until they form stiff peaks. Add the slightly cooled chocolate to the egg yolks and sugar mix and combine, if the chocolate is too hot you’ll end up with chocolate scrambled eggs. Finally add a little egg white into the chocolate mix to loosen it up before gently folding in the remaining egg whites until fully combined. Pour the mix into your serving dishes (4 tumblers not quite as full as I have shown in the picture or 6 small wine glasses). Move to the fridge for at least 4 hours to set and enjoy x

Better stop writing now as need to police the small people before injuries occur.

G x